Hello there and welcome to Kotusei.com!  My name is Olga and I am a part time MA history student as well as a part-time private tutor.  You may ask, why my website is called Kotusei.  I am originally from Russia but moved to England when still quite young.  However, as part of my childhood was spent there, nicknames from that time remain and I decided to choose one of them as a link to my past. On this website you can find out anything about me, from my academic to social interests.  The quickest way to find out what I am up to, is to check my blog. which I am aiming to update at least once every two weeks. Glancing at the page names across the top of the website, you would have probably guessed by now that I love reading.  The Books section contains my thoughts on the most recent books I have read.  If you are a fan of the genres connected to romance, adventure, supernatural (as in vampires and witches) history and psychological thrillers, please have a look and leave a comment.  Who knows, you may find something new to read, or make your own recommendations! 😀  Please feel free to recommend any books! I am always looking for a new book to read and will only be delighted :) On a more academic note, please have a look at the section labelled Tutoring.  On there you will find a list of the subjects that I teach and a link to my TutorHunt profile where you will be able to find out more.  Also, if you know of anyone who is in need of a tutor in the subjects listed, please direct them to my website and TutorHunt profile.  I love teaching and am always happy to help those struggling. As mentioned before, my blog contains not only my personal and social interests but also those related to academia.  I love history and hope to become an academic in this discipline.  My particular interests are connected to social and cultural histories of 18th and 19th centuries Britain.  Thus, on my blog you will find posts about those periods.  Please also note my posts relating to Jane Austen.  I have always enjoyed her books and have now taken an academic interest in her life and world.  In fact, my MA dissertation focuses on her juvenilia from a historical perspective.  Please feel free to leave any comments, advice or questions.  I am always happy to answer those. I hope you enjoy your visit and do not hesitate to contact me via comments, should you have any questions!

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